About Us

Youth Environment Space

The Youth Environment Space opened its doors in Saari shopping center on 22 November 2018.

The Environment Space is an open bright space intended for use by young people, organisations and municipal residents. The Space features a hall that also has smaller corners for spending time, a loft for quieter group work and a modern fully equipped kitchen.

In the 2nd floor you can find the Laajasalo library and our multipurpose room that groups can also reserve and smaller conference room that you can reserve from the library. The youth environment space and the library are connected by a staircase and we also plan activities together.

What do we do?

Environmental and Adventure education is the main purpose of the Environmental education unit. We offer experiences of the natural world through our nature school days, events, camps, and courses. We also provide facilities for young people and youth organizations for their own activities and camps.

Read more about this here: Nature Broschure

The youth environment space is home to youth eco café that employs eight 16 to 17 year old youth during summer 2019. We also organize different kind of activities like cooking, but you can also just come to our space and see your friends or ask help to make your curriculum. We would also like you to suggest and come to organize something!

To know more, please e-mail us or visit our lovely space. You can also read more from: luontotoiminta.munstadi.fi

Yliskylän puistokatu 4, 00840 Helsinki (1st floor)

Contact information:
tel (+ 358) 09 310 717 02