About Us

Youth Environment Space, Laajasalo

Welcome to the environment and adventure focused youth environment space, which is located inside the shopping center Saari, together with the Laajasalo library. The space is open for children and youth, who can come to the space to spend time, suggest or plan activities, play board games, or explore the various environmental activities that the space offers.

In addition, we support youth participation and advocacy through the Ruuti Youth Empowerment System and by supporting voluntary youth civic activism. We also do a lot of events and tours/trips that we promote separately.

The youth environmental space is a non-discriminatory space that respects others and acts in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. In addition, our facilities can be booked for your own use. Space reservations are mainly reserved for youth groups, youth organizations and school groups.

Environmental Education Unit

The unit’s mission is to support youth-based environmental and nature education, to provide young people with environmental, adventure and camp experiences, to support young people in volunteering for the environment, and to increase their environmental awareness.

We offer experiences of the natural world through our nature school days, events, camps, and courses. We also provide facilities for young people and youth organizations for their own activities and camps.

The activities we provide include classes and workshops ranging from eco-cooking to natural cosmetics; gardening; climbing, paddling and other adventure education activities; camping; jewelry-making; nature photography; and taking care of animals.

Further information: luontotoiminta.munstadi.fi